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Professional Property Conveyancing in Yorkshire

Put your trust in our Yorkshire-based experts for a full range of property searches throughout England and Wales. Our aim is to provide a first class service using excellent products for all our customers.

Established in 2008, we have since expanded to become one of the UK’s most trusted conveyancing search companies. Our clients include:

  • Individuals
  • Solicitors
  • Conveyancing specialists
  • Estate agents
  • Property professionals

Helpful Conveyancing Advice

With ISA Yorkshire Limited by your side, you will be able to make a well-informed decision when purchasing a property. Conveyancing searches are important as there are so many aspects of a property to take into consideration. It is worthwhile finding out:

  • When the property was built
  • Any changes the property has had
  • If the property is a listed building
  • If any nearby highways are maintained by the council
  • If there are any tree protection orders on the property

Regulated Local Searches

Rest assured our specialists carry out Regulated Local Searches to obtain information about your potential new buy. This is an accredited search code and is widely accepted by the majority of lenders. We get the answers to integral questions, including:

  • Are there any public rights of way affecting the property?
  • Is there any common land or a village green affecting the property?

To find out the answers to more questions click here. We’re also available by call or email, so contact us if you have any queries.

Property Purchase

When there is a church, cathedral or an abbey in the area of your property, this significantly affects your purchase. Some owners will require fund repairs to the chancel so it is a viable idea to know your rights prior to buying. For more Information click this link

It couldn’t be simpler to get your potential property thoroughly checked out before you buy. Our experts are on hand to issue reports and consider all factors, including:

  • Environment issues, such as if property built on a landfill site or contaminated land
  • If the property is in a flood risk area
  • What is going on in the local area in terms of facilities, schools, buses, crime and planning
  • If there are wind turbines or fracking sites in the area
  • If the property is in a mining area
  • If there are HS2 high speed rails being built nearby
  • If the property is connected to mains water
  • What the property drainage system is

Helpful Conveyancing Advice

There is no need to search for numerous companies and try to coordinate their services. At ISA Yorkshire Limited we undertake a full range of conveyancing searches. We are committed to investigating your potential area thoroughly and helping you make an informed decision.

ISA Yorkshire Limited have built up close relationships and connections with many other search company’s in England and Wales. This enables us to provide conveyancing reports on a nationwide level. By using local professionals for our property searches, we make the most of local knowledge in order to produce the best and most accurate results.

We provide you with vital information to establish the condition of a property before you buy. We gather this information by conducting local authority searches and approaching local councils. Our experts are also able to provide you with environmental searches, which gives information about whether the property is in a flood risk area or has been built on a landfill site.

ISA Yorkshire Limited

Rest assured that ISA Yorkshire Ltd has adapted well to the ever-changing nature of the conveyancing search industry. Our team has become stronger and managed to stand out against our competitors by networking and avoiding over-employment within the company. Reasons to choose our company include:

  • We provide a full range of conveyancing reports
  • Our regulated local authority search advisor has over 25 years combined of experience in the personal search industry, regulated local search industry and in local land charges at two different authorities. Our total combined experience is 60 years within the Local Search industry.
  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our conveyancing searches are Search Code Compliant, and our head office is run to ISO9001 quality management standards.
  • Our regulated local authority searches are completed quickly and efficiently by making the earliest appointments with councils.
  • An excellent in-house training scheme is provided for those looking to break into the property search sector.
  • By using local professionals for our property searches, we are able to attain the most accurate results, every time.
  • We always keep our local authority search fees to a minimum to ensure that they are affordable for everyone looking to buy a new property.

Contact ISA Yorkshire Limited on 01757 210 039 for professional property conveyancing. Alternatively, email our experts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will quickly get back to you.